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Welcome to Infinite Revelations!

Welcome to Infinite Revelations. Find Healing ~ Find Answers to your Greatest Questions. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ is a very unique and powerful alternative healing approach to health and well being. If you are looking for answers in your life, you are in the right place. Questions about health, healing, emotions, body and mind or questions about if you are headed in the right direction with your life. There really is no limit to what the questions can be about. Then please contact me, I am a QHHT® Level II Practitioner, located in the Scottsdale area. A QHHT® session is a one and done, you will receive healing if it is appropriate at the time and you will receive the recording of the session afterwards to continue the healing. More mental dots will be connected each and every time you listen to the session recording and the healing will continue. If you are ready for healing and answers and are ready to begin your journey in life on your most fluid path forward, then please give me a call at 480-570-9576 or email me at 333.Infinite.Revelations@gmail.com